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Natural Canvas Micarta
Natural Canvas Micarta
Standard sheet size:

Standard Thickness: 

Slabs: 6mm(0.24"), 8mm(0.315“)

Want other thickess?
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in 
customization. we offer specifical rate for large quantity

Canvas Laminated Sheets are made of thermo-setting resins combined with layers of canvas
cloth pressed under high pressure and heat. The resulting product is a dense material that
can be cut, shaped, drilled, taped, and machine with ordinary tool.

Canvas phenolic has canvas fabric embedded into the phenolic resin. This makes for a very
attractive pattern when shaped. It also provides excellent grip when left raw from grinding.
It can also be polished to a very high shine and smooth finish.
Due to production issue, our natural micarta has 0.5mm thickenss of fine cloth on surface
which need to be grind off when using.

If you need more information or want some color samples please do not hesitate to 
contact us.