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What is Paper Micarta, Linen Micarta, Canvas Micarta and what's the difference between them with G10?
Micarta is a brand name for composites of linen, canvas, paper, fiberglass, carbon fiber or other fabric in a thermosetting plastic.
It was originally used in electrical anddecorative applications. Micarta was developedby George Westinghouse at least asearly as

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where can Carbon fiber be used

In fiber reinforced composites, fiberglass is the "work horse" of the industry. It is used in
many applications and is very competitive with traditional materials such as wood, metal,
and concrete. ​Fiberglass products

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Applications of G10 material

G10 is an epoxy-filled glass fiber, known for its excellent electrical insulating characteristic
making it ideal for printed circuit boards, insulating washers and transformer components.
What’s less well known is that its properties make it ideal in many
other ap

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Learn about knife handles

Knife handles have been made out of just about every type of material imaginable, ranging
from the very weird to exceptionally nice looking and practical. There are many very good
man-made and natural materials available today for knife handles. The purpose of the following

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How to cut G10

There are many ways to cut or break G-10. Easiest way is to score it deeply with a strong
utility knife and then simply "break" it by snapping it over a rigid corner.

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Which G10 color is most popular in knife handle making?
G10 is used the world over in a variety of industrial applications as insulation material

and as a high-end 

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Difference between G10 and Micarta

Cloth / Canvas/ Cotton Micarta is made using a phenolic resin, which cures under heat and
pressure...layers of cloth saturated in the resin, and pressed in a mold and heated...

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Make your own Knife handle



As some of you have seen, shop staff here at Pier 9's Workshop have dived deep into the exciting art of making Knives, particularly beautiful Knife handles. We have made Kit

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Keys to making Knife Handles

Know the keys to the best handle design to enhance your knife’s performance and safe use.
Following are seven:

1) According to ABS journeyman smith Dan Farr,

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How to choose the right knife handle
 How to choose the right knife handle

Strength, durability, grip, aesthetics and of course cost are all part of the decision process for both companies
and you guys alike. As a knife making company handle materials are just as important as blade materials in some cases,
because you co

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