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Shred Carbon Fiber-Silver
Shred Carbon Fiber-Silver
Knife Grade-Shred Carbon Fiber Plate

Weave: Shred

Production method:Molding


Standard sheet size:

Standard Thicknes:

(thickness may vary from 7-10mm) 


Inquiry to us, we will quote according to your requirement.

Want other thickness?
we can make any thickness range from 4-10mm.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in 
customization. we offer specifical rate for large quantity
 The ”shred” carbon fiber is manufactured by using carbon thread that is cut into short lengths. It is  infused 
and created into a solid block of material. Different colors resin or copper foil can even be infused to make 
different colors blocks. Since all the raw material are layed in Irregular way. The thickness are not be accurate.
It usually be made as thicker than Nominal thickness.