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Black Linen Micarta
Black Linen Micarta
Standard sheet size:

Standard Thickness: 

Slabs: 8mm(0.31")

Want other thickess?
Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in 
customization. we offer specifical rate for large quantity


Linen Micarta is made of fine woven cotton and phenolic resin.
Rugged, corrosion resistant, acid resistant, oil resistant, heat resistant, cold resistant,
moisture resistant, pressure resistant, impact resistant. Using a special high-pressure process,
the highest quality materials are layered. Can be engraved, sculpted or scrimshawed. Easy to cut,
shape and drill. Complete the simple sand smoothness and then polish it to a shiny sheen with a
white or pink blush on a soft polishing wheel.


If you need more information or want some color samples please do not hesitate to contact us.